Who are the people in your community that you appreciate? Police, firefighter, mail carrier, military, teacher, veteran…the list goes on. How?

What Can We Do for Them?

The possibilities are endless! When we feel better and have more energy, we are more apt to be kind to others.

Comment and Share Your Grateful Experience!

*Comment below or on social media about how you say Thanks for Your Service!

(Extra chance for sharing feelings of being kind or posting a picture!)

Challenge Rewards!

Would you like a chance to win a dōTERRA essential oil or product?!
Or maybe a chance to win a delicious Send Out Card Brownie or Starbuck Gift Card?!

As you share your experiences, it may inspire someone else to be kind.

Rules For Entering Our Challenge

Please share your kindness experience! We would love to hear from you!

Spread kindness with us as we start ripples around the country…maybe even the world!

How do you show kindness?

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  1. I appreciate the people that help rescue animals and help them by volunteering and spreading information about animals to be adopted!

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