“Service to others leads to greatness.” ~ Jim Rohn

November is National Gratitude Month, which makes me think of the many people who touch our daily lives like teachers, health care workers, farmers, soldiers…the list goes on. Last week, after listening to Tiffany Peterson’s free gratitude series https://gratitudeseries.com/ with Coach Dar (Darlene Santore) on kindness to grocery store cashiers, I decided to accept their invitation and share it as well.

Join Challenge #16: Candy for Cashiers! This week when you are shopping at the grocery store, ask the cashier what their favorite candy or gum is, buy it, and then before they bag it, give it to them and say, “This is for you.”

Share your experience for this challenge. (Extra chance for your name in the drawing for telling us how it made you feel and/or posting a picture)!. As you share your experiences, it may inspire someone else to be kind. Either way, I will draw a name from all social media and email responses and gift a $10 Starbucks card. When we feel better and have more energy, we are more apt to be kind to others. Join me as we start ripples around the country…maybe even the world!

Congratulations to Challenge #14 winner, Lynne A. She shared that her cousins have been helping her and her mom, with visits to the Rehab, with getting their home ready for her mom’s return, and with listening and offering guidance. Her cousins are truly her heroes! Lynne wins a Send Out Card Pink Frosted Cookie Bar.

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  1. The cashier at CVS said he loves Snickers or Twix. He had the biggest smile when I handed him the Snickers bar, after I purchased it and told him it was for him! Seeing that filled Ed & my hearts with joy! ❤️

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