“Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” ~ Dale Evans

Thank you to the following Elves in our “Toy Elves 2022” for VANC http://vanc.me, who hosted Christmas parties for the children of active duty Marines this December:

Lynne Anderson, Tammra Graves, Caryn Leventhal, Debbie Love, Dr. Santiago Osorio https://www.breakthroughsdphysicaltherapy.com/, One Stop Toner https://www.toner-inkjet.com/, Pacific Installershttps://www.pacificshuttersandshades.com/, Team Southern Mortgages https://teamsouther.com/, Jingle Jenn http://jinglejenn.com, Margi Malek, Joan Parro, Cheri Reynolds, Kelly Ritchie, Patti Wingo, & Anoint For Wellness https://anointforwellness.com.

Special Thank You to David Zumaya https://www.mysdnc.com/ and to GSFE -Oceanside https://www.globalsocietyforfemaleentrepreneurs.org/ for helping to spread the kindness.

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