“Do good for others, it will come back in unexpected ways.” ~ Anonymous 

I’m happy to announce the winner of the 2-pack brownie from Send Out Cards. Cathy V. did good for others by donating clothes to Care Closet. She definitely Made Someone’s Day (Challenge #17). Indeed, I had so much fun with Bibi and Dez from Hope Tree Village! https://hopetreevillage.com/   Check out one of the ideas for our Random Acts of Kindness challenge with ding dong: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/-zab8qV5frs.

Doesn’t that look like fun? Feel free to take this idea and “run” with it for Challenge #18: Good Deeds. Choose any act of kindness to help someone in need. Share your experience for this challenge. (Extra chance for your name in the drawing for telling us how it made you feel and/or posting a picture). As you share your experiences, it may inspire someone else to be kind. Either way, I will draw a name from all social media and email responses to win a container of MetaPWR beadlets. They help support metabolic health and function. When we are kind to ourselves and have more energy, we are more apt to be kind to others. Join me as we start ripples around the country…maybe even the world!

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  1. Last night I stayed up quite late spending time with some friends who have been depressed and needed some support and care. While I didn’t sleep too well after, it makes me feel good knowing that they trust me and that I can be there for them.

    1. Oh my God, this fills my heart with joy. Depression is something I deal with and it is humbling, in the best sense of the word, to hear about people caring to uplift someone. Thanks, Jonathan!

  2. Challenge #18 submission

    The Woman’s Club accepted my donation of a diamond painting set for the activity table at their inaugural Autism Walk. Because of art and kindness, a young girl was motivated to try out the diamond painting set she had at home since she was inspired by the activity during the event. Awesomely, the art table broke the ice for me to be able to network with other vendors. It made me feel relieved to form human connections in the face of my efforts to reduce isolation, let go of pain and feel useful to others. Participating in Challenge #18 revealed a surprising route towards healing, connection and further opportunities to create art. Thank you, Donna, for inspiring your community to find and nurture what is good in humanity.

    Photo in my Instagram, @brolesque_llc

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