“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” ~Jackie Chan

Temperatures are even dropping here in sunny California. Our next challenge is an opportunity to help others. While socks are the most needed item among the homeless population, they are the least donated. Socks are the most requested because the average person living on the street walks a lot of miles on foot. They spend their days outside in extreme heat, cold, and rain, so clean, dry socks help keep their feet healthy.

We can show kindness by donating new, white socks (dyes can sometimes burn their feet). So purchase a pair or more and donate them to someone in need.

Based on your comfort level, you can

*hand them to someone

*leave them (placed in a dry bag) somewhere where the homeless congregate

*go to a soup kitchen, shelter, or one of the many homeless service providers

Share your experience for this challenge below in the comments. (Extra chance for your name in the drawing for telling us how it made you feel and/or posting a picture)!

As you share your experience, it may inspire someone else to be kind. Either way, I will draw a name from all social media and email responses and gift an oil or product.

Congratulations to Challenge #12 winner, Amy F. She and her husband spend a lot of time supporting people making a difference. Amy recommends doing what feels right and doing so as soon as possible. Her motto is Do Good; Bring Friends! Amy wins a container of Peppermint Beadlets from dōTERRA.

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  1. I had several opportunities (on different occasions) to give people a pair of socks instead of money when I was stopped at the freeway off-ramps. Another time, a 15 year-old boy approached me outside the movie theater asking for money. When I told him I didn’t have money but I could give him a pair of new socks, he happily took the socks.

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